18 June 2013

Leaving The Government Plantation

Update #2: Senator Guillory's decision to leave the Democrat Party has cause quite a stir. It's got the intellectual elites dodging the real issues (Really, what else can they do? They're intellectually bankrupt.), but Guillory cut to the chase recently with what was the "last straw":
Guillory said he has watched the party moving further left on gun rights, abortion, prayer in schools, big government spending, and the family, but it was a shocking claim in the Senate that finally crossed a line. When he heard Democrats claiming that if you oppose Obamacare, you’re a racist, Guillory said he couldn’t believe it.  His 103-year-old mother called him and said she didn’t want him associated with “anything like this,” despite the fact that she also has been a lifelong Democrat. “It was the last straw,” Guillory reflected.
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Update: Kevin Levin apparently got wind of this video and posted about it. What's hilarious is Kevin accusing Senator Guillory of distorting " the past for their own purposes." Wow, talk about a kettle/pot moment. 

I think what most upsets progressives like Mr. Levin is the fact someone like Guillory rejects the collectivist nannyism of the Democrat Party (not that the Republican Party isn't headed in the same direction - they just walk slower). Simply put, Guillory has rejected what academia and the ruling class have prescribed for him.

And it's obvious Levin ignored the real jest of Guillory's comments: the absolute extremism of the Democrat Party in regards to what most would view as traditionalist Americanism (and which is not tied to a particular party). There were once basic values that both Democrats and Republicans agreed on, but there is now a deep and widening chasm regarding those basic values. Senator Guillory laid that out in rather plain language.

The extreme Alinskyism/progressivism which has gripped the left is apparent in the modern Democrat Party (and much of academia). The mask is off and what the good senator from Louisiana saw under that mask made him run into the arms of the Republican Party. That's the real story here but as usual Levin misses that or, more likely, chose to ignore it.


S.C. said...

Sir, I happened upon your blog doing some light Civil War research and reading I took a few minutes to skim for keywords throughout to get a rough idea of what you cover and then I saw this post. (*) I absolutely love this subject and think I could talk for hours with you given what I’ve seen thus far. (Ultimately, I want to write a book before I die that comprehensively reevaluates race relations from pre-Civil War to 2013/Present. However, I’ve never written a book and could stand some expertise in putting the research and documentation together. FYI: I am 35 years old, black, and from Virginia. By no means am I a scholar or an academic!)

You are correct on this. A Reagan staff named Bruce Bartlett wrote a book called “Wrong on Race” that also shows this pattern. Whenever someone learns about the factual history of the Democratic Party, they become infuriated and leave it. It is such a shock that it will generate an interpersonal transformation because it makes you question and re-evaluate everything you were “taught” and “told”.

Myself, I have always known the Left was full of it because I have been going to Nascar races, country music concerts, and honky-tonks all my life without ever having any negative experiences. I’ve never seen white racism in my 35 years. However, despite the fact that I’ve always read/studied history and politics I found myself somewhat supportive of Democrats given the ‘go along with the crowd’ mentality. It wasn’t until I was 28 that I saw the light. My epiphany moment came driving down I95 and I saw the Virginia Holocaust Museum out of the corner of my eye. I wondered why did Virginia need a Holocaust Museum. Moments later I drove through VCU/MCV and wondered why the city would practically hide a significant piece of American history like the White of the Confederacy. The whole time I was listening to AM radio, a new experience, and kept hearing the host talk about a book called “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg and how eye opening it was. Given the mood I was in I gave it a read and was introduced to Eugenics. My life hasn’t been the same since.

The biggest problem with all of this is that very few people know the facts. The factual history of the Parties isn’t taught in any level of education. I have never seen a textbook that covers Reconstruction or the early 1900s in any detail, which is the most pivotal time in modern history. People simply aren’t exposed to this information; note Sen. Guillory and Bruce Bartlett. It is impossible to fully understand modern events without understanding the impacts of Evolution/Darwinism, Progressivism/Fascism/Socialism, Eugenics, Ideological Subversion, and Collectivism/Individualism. I would say 95 out of a 100 Americans have no idea what any of these things mean in any detail.

My apologies for being long-winded but my fingers get happy when writing about all this.

(*) I am trying to find information about April 3, 1865 trains to Danville... particularly about the derailment in South Boston

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hello S.C. - welcome! There are, as you probably realize, some nuances in the two political parties and how they've evolved over the last 150 years regarding these issues. Certainly, both parties are, at their core, about gaining and retaining political power. The "apparatus" of both parties will use various constituencies to accomplish that.

That being acknowledged, I don't think there's any doubt that the modern Democrat Party has become corrupt to the core and is NOT offering solutions to help African-Americans - beyond a hand out. Their policies have decimated the black family, (abortion, fatherless homes, etc) which lies at the root of much of America's societal problems - across all races.

I'm sure you're aware of the work of Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell on these issues - they've done some fantastic work and writing in these areas, particularly Dr. Sowell.

"It is impossible to fully understand modern events without understanding the impacts of Evolution/Darwinism, Progressivism/Fascism/Socialism, Eugenics, Ideological Subversion, and Collectivism/Individualism."

You are so right. Research on Planned Parenthood, Margaret Senger, and the connection to modern politics is quite enlightening. It never ceases to amaze me how the left claims the mantle of morality when it comes to race relations yet, at the same time, condones and even encourages the disregard for the unborn, particularly in the black community. I think it exposes them as utter frauds.

Thanks again for your commentary and no need to apologize, I very much enjoyed reading your comments.

S.C. said...

Thank you and I will certainly be following your blog in the future. I am running short on time at the moment but I wanted to leave a quick response given you brought up the Left’s moral stance with a tidbit I’ve always found to be helpful information.

I too was very baffled by the Left’s seemingly irrational ways for quite a while until I really began to look at Obama’s behavior. Obama is the personification of the Left, past and present. I have come to believe that the thing that defines the Left more than anything is “Insecurity” and how they compensate for it. I think the Left suffers from what amounts to Narcissistic Personality Disorder on a societal scale. I know that sounds absurd but simply read any overview of NPD and you will be rendered speechless at how perfectly it explains what we objectively see in the Lefts’ behavior.

Looking into NPD really helped me understand the motivations. Their ways are far more predictable and systematic than I had realized beforehand.


Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

SC - this will be of interest: