22 September 2014

Dedicated To College Idiots Everywhere

I was recently reading one of the "smart" (hosted by an academic) Civil War blogs and came across a comment made by an "educator" (God help us), which suggested that unless you're "college educated" you can't be very smart or "intellectual." The commenter is a classic elitist buffoon, but his view is fairly widespread among the self-assured (though often unaccomplished), "educated" among us. So, for that *idiot, as well as others who assume someone who is "college educated" is also intelligent, wise and correct in all their opinions, I dedicate the following. Welcome to the real world you idiot.

*Unlike the educated buffoon who assumes that only those who are college educated possess knowledge, intelligence and learning, I do not assume that everyone who is college educated is, well, need I say it?

18 September 2014

Wackydemia Continues To Suppress Free Speech

Actually, the "officials" seem to be making a reasonable request in the video. But this casts doubt on their motivation:
Davis and other YAF activists have tabled at this exact location before; the only difference this time was now her organization was highlighting Penn State's ridiculous speech code policies. Davis said, "At Penn State not all free speech is created equal."
Regardless, the whole concept of free speech "zones" is problematic, particularly with an institution that claims to champion free speech and expression. Details here.

More Wackydemia News

Clemson is requiring students and faculty to complete an online course through a third party website that asks invasive questions about sexual history.

16 September 2014

What Would Braveheart Do?

Those who support the removal of historic flags from Lee Chapel have been looking for guidance from their hero by contemplating, "What would Robert E. Lee do?". Pat Buchanan asks the same question about Braveheart and Scotland's flirtation with secession. And that flag is involved again. God does have a sense of humor, does He not?
No matter how the vote turns out on Thursday in Scotland, either for independence or continued union with Britain, the disintegration of the Old Continent appears almost inevitable. Already the British government has conceded that, even if the Scots vote for union, Edinburgh will receive greater powers to rule itself.
More here.

15 September 2014

A 5th Grader Is Smarter Than The Experts

Not difficult to accomplish these days. In one of our local schools, a 5th grade girl was told she could not use ChapStick in class. This rule was established because of the opinion of "experts".
In a statement, the Augusta County Schools superintendent's office said the ChapStick rule was based on input from local health care experts.
I could tell you a story or two about our local health care "experts" - including the 9 doctors who, this past March, told my suddenly blind wife to go home, there was nothing that could be done for her. I ignored their "expert" advice, did my own research and my wife, thanks to prayer and "unrecognized" therapy, now has about 80% of her vision back. But I digress. 

This 5th grader put the experts in their place.
"She said, 'Dad, I want to get rid of this ChapStick ban thing.' I said, 'Okay, you have to speak to your teacher and the principal, who both advised she write a letter to the Augusta County school board," he said.

Following her speech, Grace was cross-examined, her father said -- with one board member asking the girl if using ChapStick at school might be seen as a distraction.

"She said, 'I think it would be more distracting to have bleeding lips while I'm doing my work,'" her father said. "That ended that line of questioning."

12 September 2014

The Lee Chapel Soap Opera Continues

I've expressed both my disappointment in Washington & Lee President Ruscio's capitulation to political correctness with the Lee Chapel flag removal, as well as my appreciation for his defense of Robert E. Lee's legacy, before. But I have to wonder why the "defense" of the capitulation continues if - as those in agreement with that decision claim - the opposition is little more than a vocal minority.

If the opposition and criticism is little more than "yesterday's Lost Causers", then why did W & L feel it necessary to trot out one of General Lee's descendants to defend the removal of the battle flags from the Chapel? That seems rather odd, particularly if the battle is already won and the controversy has died down and a "majority support the decision." The latest move just stirs the pot further and brings it all back in the headlines. Why do that?

This whole debate is quite enlightening. Would Lee have wanted the flags there? Not during his tenure, no. We know Lee was averse to any military display or pageantry during his time at Washington College. Though Lee was proud of his service for the Confederacy, he wanted to move on. But is Lee's position a legitimate defense for removing the flags? No. The remembrance and the Chapel go beyond what Lee's wishes would have been. Do those using what Lee's desires would be really want to use that as a standard for what takes place at Lee Chapel and on campus? I doubt it. Lee wanted the Gospel presented at Lee Chapel. Does the PC crowd advocate that, since "that is what Lee would have wanted?" And I'm quite sure General Lee would not approve of the current dress code at W & L.

You see how selective these folks are in siding with "what Lee would have wanted"? And now, all of a sudden, the PC crowd gives extra weight to someone with a "heritage connection?" Uh-huh. Flip-flop. 

My suspicion is that the move to showcase one of Lee's grandsons applauding the removal of the flags is meant to deflect what may be going on behind the scenes from alumni who are expressing, perhaps strongly, opposition to the removal of the flags. I believe there's a lot more going on here than meets the eye. Of course, all the PC folks in academia who spend the majority of their time talking to themselves are likely unaware of that. I suppose they're also too busy trying to carry out what Robert E. Lee would have wanted.

Maybe they should start wearing bracelets: WWRELD?

11 September 2014

Secession's Making A Comeback - Thanks To Scotland?

Yes, according to the New York Times:
In some cases, the referendum in Scotland is fueling new hopes, however improbable, among separatist fringe groups. When the president of the Texas Nationalist Movement, Daniel Miller, was invited to the University of Stirling in Scotland this year, he said the Scots were paving the way for an independent Texas. In others, the vote is re-energizing debates with considerable geopolitical importance. 
In Taiwan, which China claims as part of its territory even though Taiwan is effectively independent with its own currency, military and democratically elected government, some hope a Scottish “yes” vote could prompt a more careful deliberation over the island’s future.
Wang Dan, a student leader in the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, wrote in a recent column for Taiwan’s Apple Daily, “If the Scottish vote succeeds, it will be worth considering by those who advocate deciding Taiwan’s status through a referendum.”
Those "damn Scotsmen" are always just wanting to be left alone:
The first shot fired in the American Wars of Independence is said to have been from a Scottish Doune pistol.

It is thought that as many as twenty one, maybe more, of the men who signed the American Declaration of Independence had Scottish blood. Two of the signatories, John Witherspoon (the only clergyman to sign) and James Wilson were both born in Scotland. Among the signatories who had Scottish forebears were, Thomas Jefferson,Thomas McKean, Francis Lewis, Phillip Livingstone, George Ross and Benjamin Rush.

(Thomas) Woodrow Wilson 1856 - 1924, twenty eighth president of the United States once said - "Every line of strength in American history is a line coloured with Scottish blood."

Kind of makes you proud doesn't it.
Indeed it does, indeed it does.

10 September 2014

Looks Like Another Successful Project By Kent Masterson Brown

Kent Brown is one of my favorite historians. He's a gifted and entertaining speaker. He's done, and is doing, some excellent work both in writing and documentary production. His latest appears to be yet another successful project. Fortunately, Brown is not infected with the PC virus which so many modern academic historians have succumbed to and which make their perspectives and writings so lemming like, so predictable and so conformist. Brown's projects and perspectives are an oasis in a desert of historians who seem to be rushing to see who can go the farthest and the fastest in presenting America as nothing more than an imperialist evil empire. As Stanley Kurtz recently noted: "American exceptionalism is out and America as a self-deluded imperialist power is in." So stale. Yawn.

Here's an introduction to Brown's Witnessing History's latest:

And here's an excerpt from a review of the film:
“Daniel Boone and the Opening of the American West” is destined to be the definitive documentary treatment of the life of Daniel Boone. A running time of 112 minutes allows more depth than you can get out of an hour-long History Channel doc and the Witnessing History production spearheaded by Kent Masterson Brown takes full advantage of the feature-length format to delve deeply into the story of the early settlement of Kentucky. [More here.]
*Update: Kent is sending me a copy of the DVD so I can do a full review.

09 September 2014

Home Education Continues To Grow Exponentially

In North Carolina, the number of homeschoolers has now surpassed the number of students attending private schools. . . . In the Tar Heel state alone, homeschooling has increased by 27 percent over the past two years.
This trend has to drive the control freaks in big education crazy. More here. Be sure and watch the homeschool kid's video. Right funny.

06 September 2014

The Communists Look For Soul Mates In Academia

The FBI says so:
Cuba’s communist-led intelligence services are aggressively recruiting leftist American academics and university professors as spies and influence agents, according to an internal FBI report published this week.
And . . . 
One recruitment method used by the Cubans is to appeal to American leftists’ ideology. “For instance, someone who is allied with communist or leftist ideology may assist the [Cuban intelligence service] because of his/her personal beliefs,” the FBI report, dated Sept. 2, said.
And . . .
Cuban intelligence seeks to plant disinformation or propaganda through its influence agents, and can task recruits to actively disseminate the data. 
 That part should be easy. I think much of academia already has the propaganda angle covered. 

And . . .
"College campuses are seen as fertile ground . . ."
Gee, I wonder why. Must be all that there anecdotal evidence floating around.  Not to worry, the flat-earthers will not deviate from denial. It's easy to deny when you live in a bubble. More here.

01 September 2014

Like So Much Else Of Modernity

Tradition is rejected, garbage takes its place. Our culture is upside down. We know who to thank, don't we?

28 August 2014

My Newest History Toy

Those familiar with this blog are aware of my passion for relic hunting and amateur archeology. It is a fascinating, hands on dimension of history. I've been interested in artifacts and archeology since I was a young boy, but only became a serious relic hunter about five years ago. Since that time, I've owned several brands of metal detectors and currently own a total of four machines. By Friday, that number will be five. While I've always made an effort to purchase American made equipment for this very serious hobby of mine, I could not help but be intrigued by a French manufacturer I started hearing about two years ago. About three years ago, they announced a new model of metal detector that was revolutionary in regards to technology and design. Of course, manufacturers make these claims with every new model, but there really was something quite different about the XP Deus - it is totally wireless. And that's just one aspect of the revolutionary design. Going into much more detail than that will just bore most folks, but the technology innovations with this new machine are truly cutting edge. There's nothing else out there like it or anything that even comes close.

So I watched to see how the reviews would come in and to see if it was, as I suspected, simply "all sizzle and no steak." Then I began to notice a number of experienced relic hunters begin to sing the new machine's praises. They were leaving their tested and reliable models and switching to the XP Deus in increasing numbers. I watched and listened more until, finally, about two weeks ago, I became convinced that this truly cutting edge machine was worth the investment. Yesterday, I took the plunge and negotiated a super deal on a unit which I should have by Friday - just in time to give it a test drive over the weekend.

I've agreed to write a review for the machine once I give it a thorough testing. I have high hopes.

For those more curious, here's the "sizzle":

The innovative design of DEUS is based on three elements communicating via a digital radio link. In this new design the coil, remote control and audio headphones have each been made independent through the integration of very compact, high-capacity lithium batteries.

An ultra-miniature electronic circuit, incorporated in the search coil, digitizes and analyzes the signals. Data is then sent to the headphones and remote control in real time via the digital radio link. With this method, the signal is processed at source and not conveyed via a wire link, which greatly improves data quality.

Incorporating components from leading-edge technologies such as scientific instrumentation has enabled us to produce a powerful, rapid, lightweight, compact and fully controllable digital detector.

If you are an experienced user or a beginner, DEUS lets you decide whether or not to modify any of its settings. Powerful pre-configured factory programs enable all users to get started immediately, while expert detectorists can choose more advanced parameters via the intuitive interface.

The 'Remote Control' is in fact the user interface, known as the 'control box' on conventional detectors. It enables the detector's many functions to be precisely adjusted via a graphical interface. It can also receive program updates (via internet) through its USB socket.

DEUS is also exceptional in being able to function without the remote control, with the ability to use just the coil and the wireless headphones, for an even more compact, lightweight configuration (just 2 lbs.)!

Like the remote control, the headphones contain all the components needed for detection — they are a genuine control unit in themselves, but on an ultra-miniature scale. They take over in the absence of the remote control for adjusting the detector settings.

With the headphones you can turn DEUS on and off, change the main detection settings such as sensitivity, discrimination, ground balance, tone, frequency (4 kHz, 8 kHz, 12 kHz, 18 kHz), volume, etc. as well as select the factory programs or those previously configured with the remote control! Performance is identical whether you are searching with or without the remote control!

Lastly, the XP stem has the combined advantages of an S-shaped stem and a straight telescopic stem. It enables you to deploy or fold away the device in just a few seconds, and to change the coil in an instant. Its user-friendly design ensures comfort and convenience for the user: length is fully adjustable by millimeter increments; improved operating angle and shaped rubber handle for a firm, controlled grip. Now you're ready for a new adventure!
And more detail here.

27 August 2014

Connecting World History & Current Events

Listen to an interesting discussion on this topic here:

HSLDA | Step Into A Larger World: An Interview with David Aikman

Pull quote from the above interview with Patrick Henry College Professor, Dr. David Aikman:
China is a country that is discovering that Christianity is actually a rather good way of running a country. I have had several books that have quoted conversations from my book, Jesus in Beijing. In particular, one conversation where a member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences is saying, “We wanted to discover why the West was so successful. We thought it was economics, we thought it was democracy, we thought it was military technology, but then we realized that the core of the success of the West was Christianity, because the Christian spirit has enabled the development of science, the faith and exploration and so forth.” So, knowing what made America great is a good way of seeing how the Chinese are beginning to look at their own society.  

Godless In Wackydemia

Here's the latest from control freak central:
According to the #6 [rule] under the “Behavioral Deduction” section of the syllabus, students’ grades will be lowered for: “Saying ‘bless you.’ We are taught that it is polite to say ‘bless you’ when someone sneezes. However, if you say this while I am talking, it is NOT polite, it is very rude!”
Some folks just need a good dose of ego-deflating. More here.